Blue MelodyBlue Melody
Tim Buckley Remembered

by Lee Underwood

“It celebrates Tim Buckley’s bright though brief life, recalling concert tours, recording sessions, friends, and fellow musicians, and the tumultuous times framing it all. Written by Buckley’s lead guitarist and close friend, the book vividly depicts Buckley’s creative odyssey from folk to jazz to funk, spotlighting his shining intelligence and captivating humor. Recounting dozens of behind-the-scenes anecdotes and photos, the author reveals new information and fresh insight into Buckley’s music.”

Dream BrotherDream Brother
The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley

by David Browne

“A dual biography of father and son Tim Buckley and Jeff Buckley, enduring 60’s and 90’s musical icons, both of whom died young, and whose lives and careers eerily parallel one another. When Jeff Buckley drowned in 1997, the music world was shaken to its foundations, not least because of the echoes of his father Tim’s demise. He too had been a brilliant and innovative musician with an extraordinary five-octave voice; and he too had died young, 28 in fact, after an accidental drugs overdose.”

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